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Two Degrees of Warming...

by Tom McFadden

If you followed the Copenhagen and Cancun climate change talks, you know that "two degrees" warming is a big (and controvertial) deal.

But what does it have to do with the science of wine?

One interesting place to start is the "
Two Degrees Above Normal" blog, which explores how slight increases in temperature are already affecting wine production around the world.

But if you return back to, you'll see an in-depth exploraiton of sustainability in wine making, and how vineyards are gearing up to adapt to a changing climate.

[And just for the sake of confusion, here is the website for the "Two Degrees" winery in Cenral Otago, New Zealand. Two degrees is the centerpiece of their marketing strategy. However, it refers not to temperature, but to a two degree change in incline that is the key to their vineyard's success.]
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